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Three pieces by Emily Young at NEO Bankside. From left to right:
Fana - Etruscan Goddess of the Forest: Planet - Birth Place and Tomb: Tempesta - Etruscan Goddess of the Wind


Family in Residence by Ivan Murray. NEO Bankside

Unknown artist

Monument to the Unknown Artist by Greyworld. Sumner Street

Light 2
Light 1

A section of the ever-changing light installation set into the pavement under London Bridge from Montague Close to Tooley Street.
Part of Southwark Council's Bankside Lighting Strategy


Memorial to Mahomet Weyonomon

In 1736 Mahomet Weyonomon, a Mohegan Sachem (chief), died in Aldermanbury in the City of London. He was 36 years old. Foreigners could not be buried in the City, so he was carried across the river and buried near St Saviour's Church, now Southwark Cathedral ...

Mahomet's presence in London was the result of injustice and exploitation. His tribe had helped the first settlers in New England survive the bitter cold and repel Indian attacks. The Mohegans became allies of the English but settlers began to steal tribal lands. Despite support for the Mohegan cause from Queen Anne's Commissioners in 1705, the lands were not returned.

Mahomet sailed to London in 1735 with three supporters to petition King George II for the return of the stolen lands. While awaiting an audience, Captain John Mason and Mahomet contracted smallpox and died.

This memorialwas ercted at the request of the Mohegan tribe to honour a fallen chief. A stone was brought from Mohegan lands and carved with forms that reflect ancient custom by Peter Randall-Page. It was unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen, accompanied by The Duek of Edinburgh, on 22 November 2006 with the tribal chairman Bruce Two Dogs Bozsum and the US Ambassador - symbolically granting the audience Mahomet never received.
(From the accompanying sign in Southwark Cathedral's Churchyard)

Markings 2
Markings 1
St Saviour's Memorial

St Saviour's Parish War Memorial
Sculptor - Lindsey P Clark
Grade II Listed. Borough High Street


Minervaby Alan Collins. Minerva is the emblem of National & Grindlays Bank who commissioned the piece. Located outside Minerva House, Montague Close

Holy Family 2

Holy Family by Kenneth Hughes
Southwark Cathedral Churchyard

Blue Men

Blue Menby Ofra Zimbalista, Maya House, Borough High Street


John Keatsby Stuart Williamson. The figure is shown sitting in an alcove that was formerly part of old London Bridge. Located in the grounds of Guy's Hospital where Keats was a student for a short while.


Mural on wall in Redcross Way. I can find no information, can you help?

Bubble wrap

'Bubble Wrap' installed by Southwark Council to lighten a gloomy railway arch and discourage graffiti and fly-tipping. Junction Redcross Way and Southwark Street.


Olympic Games 2012by Loretto, Park Street, near New Globe Walk

Black Friar

The Black Friar by Edward Bainbridge Copnall. Corner of Pocock Street/ Blackfriars Road (High up on side of building)

Poured Lines

Poured Lines by Ian Davenport, installed by Southwark Council to brighten a gloomy railway arch and discourage graffiti and fly-tipping. Blackfriars Road end of Southwark Street